October 1, 2014

Today Matters – Chris Whitler

There are no “throw away, cut your losses” days. We are not meant to just make it. We are meant to pass from glory to glory. To advance on the darkness that would try and swallow the world around us. To walk into the darkness holding the light in front of us and drive it back.

God calls me today to be real in my relationships, passionate in prayer, diligent in study, determined in discipline, faithful in small things, watchful for opportunity, obedient in response, aggressive in dealing with my own rebellion, full of grace for others, reaching out with good works, strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might with my mouth full of blessing, my heart full of love, my flesh dead and my spirit alive. He’s given us everything, everything, EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness and he’s looking for people that are crazy enough to believe it.

So let’s stick our feet out. Let’s tell the darkness that we will not move. Let’s lock arms with brothers and sisters, hold the line and walk forward…forward to share the good news with a neighbor, forward to lend food, kind words and listening ears to the poor, forward to support and encourage missionaries around the world, forward to encourage a struggling brother or sister, forward to remember the elderly, sick and weak, forward to point the way for an aimless young person.

Let’s move forward in awareness for every opportunity God sends our way today.

Today matters.

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