The Mission:

Believing that Christ has called us to love our neighbor in tangible ways, we will seek to honor God by meeting immediate individual needs in our community through the love and power of Christ.


Advancing Vibrant Communities, Inc. was formed by a pastor and business leaders with a burning vision to see the church and faith-based organizations meet the needs and heal the hurts that are crying out for help in each of our communities.

Like many of the dynamic futurists and analysts of the church today, we adamantly believe that the church (the people who attend…who sit in the pews) must get out of the comfort of the four walls to personally serve the needs of the city, or our churches will fade into irrelevancy in today’s culture.

We come alongside churches to help in these ways:

  • Equip and inspire people to personally serve the needs in their own neighborhoods and communities on a regular basis;
  • Identify needs that can be met in each community;
  • Survey resources inside the church (skill, passions, hobbies of the people), and confidentially match them up with needs outside the church walls;
  • Provide audio and video podcasts for motivation and instruction through our “Lighthouse Live!” broadcast features and the short video feature called “Mike’s Minute”;
  • Presentations to churches and groups.

The outcome of our work together:

  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in our community are met by resources flowing to them from churches in every neighborhood;
  • People are attracted to the local church because they have been served by the church people in their own surroundings, and the local church grows!;
  • We radically reduce the need for tax-supported government programs to meet these same needs;
  • Our communities become more healthy as we individually help meet needs that match our talents and passion for service;
  • The local church becomes more and more relevant in the community.