March 2, 2015

A Beautiful Symphony of Ministry by Brenda Lipomi

I was witness to an amazing “concert” at the office yesterday. Rose answered a call from a homeless woman. She was in front of a store on Oakdale Rd. and had been given our phone number. The woman explained that she had a dog, and because of that she was not able to stay in a shelter. Her boyfriend had recently been released from prison, and they were living in an encampment.

The woman went on to explain that she really needed something to keep her warm at night. Rose put the call on hold and I confirmed that we did have a sleeping bag in the office. We made a plan to drive to the store and bring it to her. Rose was praying with her on the phone, when another one of our team walked through the door.

At that same moment a call came in on the other line. I recognized the number to be from a longtime friend of AVC. The new caller, L, asked if a staff member was on the phone with a homeless woman. She proceeded to tell me that she was there with the woman and was wanting to help her. Her plan was to get the woman and her dog some food. I told her that Rose and I were going to bring her a sleeping bag.

L offered to come to the office and pick it up. She explained that her mother had taught her years ago that she should not turn her back on the homeless. She felt led that morning to help this woman who was dirty and hungry. The other team member who had popped into the office, opened up his wallet and gave L some money to get the woman some food and whatever she might need. It was very touching to watch all of this unfold like a concert that God had prepared for all involved.

It was a beautiful symphony of ministry.

Be blessed,


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