October 5, 2012

BIG NEWS! New Volunteer Technology On Line!!

AVC is thrilled to debut our new web-based technology on our “Meet a Need Today” page!

Ten years in the making, this new technology turbo-charges volunteer service to reach our Cities in the Central Valley!

And…with 10 years of integrity in serving the needs of the community, AVC and Pastor Michael Douglass have vetted this technology, test-driven it, and now invite you to be part of it!

As a Volunteer, here are some of your new, exciting capabilities!:

• Search AVC needs, and/or needs posted by AVC’s partner churches, ministries, and nonprofits!
• Search for the opportunities that just interest you by using the simple pull down menus!
• Sign up, ONLINE, to meet a need listed on our site!
• Our site tracks your progress, and lets us know when you have completed meeting a need!

To begin?  Register as a Volunteer (click here)!


This FREE groundbreaking solution can dramatically increase the impact your church has in the community!

• Volunteers register on YOUR website, and ministry teams are empowered to mobilize volunteers
• Register for all event, volunteer and resource needs on AVC or any of our partner sites
• Coordinate and schedule family visits across sites…Retain all church family information and record what was provided
• Missions can show opportunities to go on or give to upcoming missions trips, or to an individual missionary

• Grow your church’s outreach
• You have COMPLETE control of what is seen on your own website
• Relieve workload on staff
• Collaborate with ministry partners like AVC
• Track all service activity of all members
• The site looks like your church built it!

To begin?  Click this link and tell them AVC sent you!


Here’s how this FREE web-based resource will increase your impact in our community!

• Broadcast your needs to local churches and partner ministries like AVC
• Connect directly with members and supporters/fans
• Share your mission with more people
• Show all needs on YOUR website
• Track real-time status of all needs
• Engage automatic reminders and testimonials
• Empower project leaders
• Get more volunteers and share logistics
• Record families you serve and the assistance provided
• See which families have received help, and where
• Schedule events
• Track information needed for grant reporting!

To begin?  Click this link and tell them AVC sent you!

AVC welcomes you to the beginning of a brand new era of City-reaching, and to web-based technology that will rock our region for Christ!

With blessings and great expectations,
Rev. Michael Douglass
President, Advancing Vibrant Communities

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