November 8, 2005

Getting Real With God; Leaving Anxieties Behind!

Lighthouse Live! Broadcast

Who’s really driving your bus? Is it your past, your hurts, your frustrations, or other people? Ever worry about “measuring up” to other people’s expectations—even God’s expectations? Have you ever just wanted to “be real”, and get rid of that phony mask for good?

Lay aside anxieties and perfectionism, and learn how to better comfort others who are hurting during this broadcast voyage with special guest, Jim Henman, Ph.D.! We’ll discuss great nuggets of wisdom gleaned from the pages of Scripture, and explore the refreshing news that God doesn’t expect perfectionism from us…He wants us to grow through the warmth of his love and grace. Growing imperfectly is okay with God!

Dr. Jim Henman is a local psychologist and therapist, and author if “Who’s Really Driving Your Bus?” Hosted by Pastor Mike Douglass and Elaine Harlan.

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