January 19, 2010

God’s Grace Unfolded

God’s grace unfolded in real time: The incredible story of Lisa and Greg Carter–how pain and suffering brought them both face to face with the deep reality of God’s grace, and how “waiting upon the Lord” took on brand new meanings! Ever struggled with hopelessness, sickness, and been in a place where there seemed no way out? Listen to the story of the Carters, and see how God’s mighty hand can turn your own life upside down for good!

One Comment on “God’s Grace Unfolded

September 20, 2011 at 5:55 am

Oh my gosh, this story that Lisa & Greg shared was for me to hear tonight and you Pastor Mike… those words you spoke about religion and turning to Jesus spoke to my heart big time… I’m going to be listening to this program again so I can write down those words and post it around my house, my purse… my car… it totaly spoke to me, so Thank you! Lisa & Greg… thank you for truly sharing from the heart… I’m a part of that Awesome new business too… so excited for you and we will be connecting on facebook! Again, Jesus does put people in our lives, Christina

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