March 14, 2014

How I Saw God Working This Week 3/14/14 by Brenda Lipomi

Brenda is AVC’s office manager and sent us a great testimony of this week’s connections!

Last week we had received a call from a real estate agent who had heard about AVC. He had sold a home that was full of items we could possibly use. That proved to be the case. Our furniture team had picked up the washer, dryer, and refrigerator already. The agent gave us the key so we could come and go as we please. Jonetta and I headed over to assess the situation and pack up what we could use. It is always very sobering going through the contents of a home that holds a lifetime of “treasures” and memories. The owner had passed away some time ago. The woman who had lived there for decades was a prolific crocheter and knitter. Every room had many afghans she had lovingly created over the years. What a blessing those will be to our families who are needing to be kept warm. The furniture, albeit in a time warp from the 50’s, was in excellent condition. It will be delivered to some new homes this week. Such a blessing. The Lord again had worked many things out for many people. WE REJOICE!

When I arrived at the office there were some messages on the voicemail. One was an urgent call from a young woman. I returned her call, but it was apparent immediately that her needs were much more about connection than tangible items. She told me of the tragic loss of her fiancee. It was a heart breaking story that unfolded. They had a 6 year old together, and she had two children from a previous marriage. She works 2 jobs and goes to school. Along with the horrible loss of the man she loved, the family car was now gone! She was sobbing as she continued with more details. I knew that Rose was the one would could best direct her and help her with this deep grief. I made the connection, and sure enough Rose was able to help her with resources, along with a promise that we would help whenever we could with rides, prayer, or whatever she might needs. WE MOURN!

That was such a dramatic shift in emotions in a short period of time! Well, the Lord knew how to lift our spirits! Jonetta spoke to a volunteer who had been searching our data base. Judy has captured the vision of what AVC is all about! She wants to connect directly with women to help with various needs, from house cleaning, to purchasing items for them. She was so excited to be given this girl’s contact information, and what the Lord might have in store for her. WE PRAISE!

I made a call to a grandmother who has been on our data base for sometimes. She is raising her 6 grandchildren! What she doesn’t know yet, is the amazing project that has been going on behind the scenes for her these last 2 months. I had received a call from a room mother at a local Christian School. She has donated to AVC in the past. She had seen this grandmother’s need for food on our website. She wanted to propose this as a possible mission project to her daughter’s class. The kids made several items, that they sold, and raised over $140.00!! We will be doing a special presentation to Gertrude in the near future. The students will see how all of their efforts and love have helped someone right in their own neighborhood! WE BLESS GOD!

I left the office encouraged about how I had seen God working so incredibly in all of theses situations. What a roller coaster day!! But wait….there is more! I checked my emails last night. There was a need request to AVC posted that evening. A disabled mother of two disabled sons was requesting a sewing machine. She makes quilts out of old clothes or whatever fabric she can get her hands on. She does all the sewing by hand and her arthritis has become severe. Guess what is in one of the rooms in the house I spoke of at the beginning? You got it…..a sewing machine!! I can’t wait to go over to the house today and “fire” it up. Then, I will call this dear lady with the news of what God has provided! WE MARVEL!

Can’t wait to see what the Lord is up to next.

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