October 21, 2014

“The Lord Knew What They Needed” by Brenda Lipomi

I continue to be amazed at how God orchestrates things here at AVC! Last Wednesday I  received a call from someone who had a refrigerator to donate. I have said before, these are like gold in our community. The hitch was, it needed to be picked up before Friday. Our team of “furniture friends” usually pick up and deliver on Tuesdays. Knowing our guy’s heart for those in need, I assured the woman on the phone that I would somehow make it happen.

I had not even had a chance to look in our data base to see who was next on our list to receive a fridge when a desperate call came in from a family with three young children. Their fridge had just stopped working. Food was spoiling and this mother was in a panic. Wow, Lord, that was a fast answer to who would get the fridge!

I was so excited to call this desperate mom Thursday morning with the great news of how God had heard her need and it would be supplied within the hour! I asked if her husband would be available to help unload the fridge. She told me that her mother in law was critically ill and on life support. Her husband was on his way home from visiting his mom at the hospital the night before and was in a serious accident. My heart just broke for them. He had been released and was home but now their car was gone too! The Lord knew what they needed that day more than any of us realized.

We serve an awesome God.

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